Wednesday, January 25, 2017

What if Talk Wasn't So Cheap?

It's hard to find much fault in the old saying, considering how second nature lying, manipulating, and exaggerating have become. Now what if... talk wasn't so cheap? Imagine if words carried a price that was literal rather than figurative, and were more expensive based on the nature of the thoughts expressed with them, and their potential effects.

If we had to pay-per-say, how often would we talk? When we did, what would we choose to say? Oh, and by the way, pricing only applies to lies, embellishments, and anything intended as a deliberate distortion of facts or truth. To tell the simple honest truth – even if it just applies to personal feelings – would remain free for all. Imagine the wacky hijinks that might come out of this!

There would be hidden fringe benefits to this condition. For one, an increased observance of silence in the general population would likely lead to deeper listening, reflection, and level of attention. Also, it would be harder for us to hide behind our words. If nothing else, I'd like to think we'd at least be more selective about what we said before speaking.

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