Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Humanity In Review

For a large segment of the human population, a new year has recently begun to spin its threads. As times continue to unravel with ever increasing speed, I'd like us to look back for a bit, and review mankind as a whole. Now is as appropriate of a moment as any to reflect and reconsider what humanity means to us. So: how would you rate the species?

It is virtually impossible to define any identifiable thing – people included – without taking their relationship and interaction with their environment into consideration. It is through our interactions that we determine our place. With that in mind: what is humanity's place in this world? Stewards? Protectors? Possessors? Partners? Oppressors? Friends? Foes?

Has that role or relationship changed in any way - and if so: for better or worse? We can ask anyone for an answer, but for the most accurate, we need go no further than our immediate environment. No matter where on the planet we might reside, Earth has a way of letting us know, when we're willing to listen. And without getting into too much detail... yeah: we could be doing this thing called living better.

Its hard to be objective, because to do so requires honesty – a quality not always encouraged or supported by societies. If I'm going to be completely candid here, mankind has a tremendous way to go still to live up to the immense potential that dwells therein. Currently, we're still too blinded by greed, personal bias and material fixations to make the most of our shared experience of this beautiful globe. The good news? Change is well underway... but don't take my word for it! Regardless of all the false authorities and aimless animosity, there is no shortage of benevolent forces hard at work - in plain view, and behind the scenes.

The only thing more powerful than a devoted person acting with integrity of conviction, is a group of people possessing the same. Whether such devotion leads to fortuitous, or disastrous results, is another matter entirely; let's aim for the former! Personally, I know I too have only realized the smallest sliver of possibilities. This is my fuel: as long as I hold the capacity to grow and transform, I'll never be able to deny our shared ability to do the same. So what if we've flunked a few; that's why make-ups were created...

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