Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Chicago's Four: the Torture that Torture Produced

I just heard about the Chicago Four story within the hour, and while I haven't watched the video, its clear where this is going. Even disregarding my general distrust of sensational media, I can't help but note the continuation of subtle, disturbing social trends with this news. Without getting too long-winded, let's just say the way articles and commentators report and respond seems to shift a bit based on the complexion and ethnicity of the criminals.

Where's the follow-up story exposing their traumatic upbringing, for example, as a basis for their motivation? We won't be seeing that. What about the young people of the same ethnicity killing other young people within their community? That won't go viral. The following video is brief, but offers some time-tested wisdom as a backdrop to the controversial crime:

My video response:  brother Haatim reminds us to keep things in perspective, and not sail away on the waves of emotional reactions alone. Otherwise, we might miss what's actually taking place, and as per usual, there is much more to be seen here than what surfaces show.

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