Wednesday, January 18, 2017

A Question Too Few Ask

There is a social trend that's been in effect for as long as I can recall. It's the sort of thing that's easy to dismiss or overlook, despite the profound and direct impact it has on the course of every life. This trend in question, is concerning a question – a very simple, direct, common-sense question, that we all ought to ask ourselves daily, yet seldom seem to. That question is: “why should I believe that?”

Whether it's the latest news headline, murmurs between coworkers concerning another colleague, “I love you” coming from someone who may have manipulative interests in store for your ears, this blog, the internet in general, or any other source – we all have the privilege to challenge & confirm what we're told. Information matters! Considering the sheer volume of it flooding our brainwaves in these times, there's good reason to pass each piece that's sent our way through a quick screening process, regardless of its origin.
Neglecting to do so reduces both our responsiveness, and responsibility. This hinders our power by relinquishing more and more of it to other, more willing parties. It also leads to an ever-growing phenomenon where we find a multitude of individuals who possess plentiful information on various subjects, with little-to-no working knowledge, wisdom, and understanding pertaining to the same. Life makes for far less of a ride when we don't stop to take in the sights and verify with our mind. Don't be afraid: ask away.

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