Wednesday, December 28, 2016

...What's Your Lesson For Mankind?

If you were given the opportunity to teach every person on planet Earth one thing... what would it be? As much as I would have liked to have offered understanding, I don't know how one would teach it to others directly, and to the extent that it would actually benefit the majority by causing everyone to see other perspectives in a way that would negate the desires that lead to the perpetuation of harmful activities including - but not limited to - brutality, oppression, and warfare. Instead, I'd focus my world lesson on the next best thing: patience.

Patience is a virtue”, is one saying I heard during childhood that struck a chord. As far as I can tell, it is. I've been sitting here thinking, and I cannot come up with one example of a mistake or misstep I made that could have been avoided altogether, if I had simply exercised more patience prior. More wondrous than any drug, and more potent than any weapon mankind can devise, the list of doors patience can open up to us are more than a few. The catch? We actually do have to “exercise” it, by practicing it throughout the course of our daily living.

With it, we can toss ropes and cross gaps of communication. With it, we can make waves and achieve new peaks in our chosen craft or field of study. It can enable those willing to see what to eyes remained unseen; to do what to those swept up in a rush might seem undoable. Like a vitamin or enzyme, patience also carries subtle, hidden benefits with it – and the more we show it, the greater they will directly, and indirectly, bestow good fortune upon our lives, and others as well. It's also one of the few things we can safely claim one can't have too much of.

That would be my lesson, were I given the podium. How about you?

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