Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Imaginary Enemies?

As young children, many of us have imaginary friends. As adults, they seem to get replaced with... imaginary enemies? What happens before, during, or after the course of adolescence that causes this shift in outlook to occur? At what point does Life change from a place of amazing possibilities and discoveries, to a prison of terrible predators and dangers?

I suspect that the world itself isn't changing here, so much as we are – individually, as a collective. Consider all the “lessons” in fear most are flooded with early on from others incessantly. If its not your neighbor, some stranger, or your government, there's some outside entity, real or fantasized, that intends to hurt you apparently. Consequently, we've invented our own society of foes – most of whom we'll never directly confront face-to-face, or flesh-to-flesh – because again, how often are these antagonists based in reality?

At the risk of appearing naïve, trust this: everyone and everything is NOT out to getcha! Most of the obstacles and threats we'll encounter originate in the mind, from our own thinking. [thought waves ~ thought patterns ~ thought projections] How you choose to view life will go a long way in determining what you experience in life.

It's up to you: the world can be your best friend, or your greatest adversary. In either event, don't forget: it's all imaginary ; )

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