Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Work While You Sleep

Are we maximizing our dreamtime? Think of all the productivity we might be wasting!

Has anyone ever told you to “sleep on it”? It's actually a great way to test unfamiliar waters, solve problems, and answer questions. Just think about all the composers & athletes who manifested lessons learned in slumber back in waking life. It's all about how one approaches rest. Lay down with the appropriate intent and attention in mind, and you might amaze yourself with what you find from within.

Who says inspiration only arrives by outside sources? We can even use our dreams to “test drive” situations and circumstances before actually engaging in them. Or, we can opt to relegate some experiences to the dreamworld, allowing us to have them without the consequences, good or bad, that may follow in the material world. Our emotional responses are equally valid and felt when dreaming; as a result, we can learn about ourselves, our plans, and our needs, by reflecting on these feelings. 

Of course, this is all only possible if one opts to stay awake and pay attention... whether eyes be open or closed!

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