Wednesday, September 14, 2016

The Concept of Family

Some ideas have probably been around since the first civilizations, or before. The belief in a divine being, and the concept of family are likely among them. Its easy to presume such notions to be fact, due to their sheer presence in our lives. Truthfully speaking, what is family? To be specific: is family pre-determined biologically, or decided consciously by individuals? 

Either way, how one defines family says a lot about one's thoughts. Many of us have friends who are so close we treat them like dearest kin - while also having those in our immediate circle who, besides blood, don't seem to favor us in any way. And as kin relates to kind, in our minds we do look at family as more than a shared physical lineage. 

Taken a step further... things get more interesting when one considers that every life form is composed of the same essential elements (or at least, seem to be). If this is so, then on a more comprehensive level: couldn't every living thing on Earth be considered members of an extensive family tree? A tree whose roots travel so far back & deep, not one living soul has seen the soil that holds them? 

I'm reminded of an old saying: “Nobody fights like family...”

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