Wednesday, April 20, 2016

When Letting Go Goes Wrong

Let it go”. “Go with the flow”. “Let go and let God”. Well-meaning sayings, in most cases, but are they always the wisest? If we're stuck repeating a harmful pattern of events, isn't letting go akin to giving up? What happens when letting go goes wrong?

I've been realizing many things in the past few years, one being that significant changes within our means to initiate, don't just happen when we let go. In this instance, “letting go” is code for lack of will, for it is exercising our will that allows us to help put things into motion, consciously. This requires planning, patience, and persistence – all qualities that a whatever-happens approach can't foster. See a pattern you don't like? Do different.

When things that are beyond one's reach take place, it's sensible to adopt a hands-off approach. It reduces stress, without removing responsibility. However, there is much more, on an individual level, that each of us can do, and yearns to do, in most cases... when we're being honest with ourselves.

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