Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Thinking Is Seeing

Have you ever tried walking outdoors, or standing straight, for extended periods with your eyes closed? Is it just me, or is it not that easy? I used to do this on occasion, both to try to get some some sense of what it might be like to not be able to see with my eyes, as well as lowering my dependence on them, while strengthening the other senses. Well, I realized something when I did this recently for the first time in years: we see with our thoughts.

It was an early Saturday morning – around 5am. I was standing outside waiting for the bus, when I began to close my eyes. As I did this, my balance went off slightly, just as it tends to whenever I attempt to stand up straight and relax, with both eyes shut. I noticed my body was rocking gently, so I started thinking very focused, concentrated thoughts – plans for the day, a new friend I'd been seeing, and a book I had to recommend them, etc. And that's when I noticed something: I stopped rocking.

I was then standing tall, still and firm, as if I'd opened my eyes back up. I hadn't. It was at that moment I realized how thoughts are concrete things. If seeing is believing, then truly, thinking is seeing! And specifically, a form of sight unto itself - just like the eyes, ears, and everything else that grants us a glimpse into the worlds within, and around us.

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