Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The Great Grass Conspiracy

There's no actual conspiracy here (OR IS THERE?). I've just often wondered: what if people can actually eat grass? There are numerous varieties, but I'm speaking specifically of the common green blades of grass that can be found growing outdoors all over North America and elsewhere. There are a few kinds that are already consumed by humans, like bamboo, wheat-grass and spelt-grass; but, what about the grass right outside the typical front porch? What if folks could be eating, instead of mowing those lawns?

The thing is, we've always been told – or assumed – that people can't digest grass properly. My question: has anyone actually tried? (I have a tough stomach; I just might myself!) Just think of all the nutrients – all the chlorophyll – our bodies might be missing out on. (After all, with all that direct sunlight exposure, grass has to be packed with the goods, provided the soil and surrounding environment isn't too toxic.)

Most importantly: we could be sitting on top of a free, nutritional, renewable food source. A food gold mine. All the people who go hungry, and even more suffering from malnutrition, wouldn't have to. Grass is easily accessible, and plentiful. There are as always other areas of concern to consider, but just think if we could eat it, the possibilities it would present. And when it comes to natural plant-based foods, the FDA is typically less-than-sincere about their benefits. 

So again, I ask: might there be a great grass conspiracy underfoot?

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