Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Nothing You Can Fear Is Real

Let me say it again! Nothing you can fear, is real. Not a single thing whatsoever, without exception.

Everything we encounter, is encountered through our various senses – all forms of sight. These link with the mind in the process of forming mental pictures, and physical sensations, which solidify into information. Sometimes, the pictures we see, and the sensations we feel disturb us, and this precipitates what we call fear. But why does this occur?

And equally important: is it mandatory? Fear has its place, and in certain situations it can preserve a life, but that's generally fear of a more short-term nature, akin to caution. The concern here is with the fear that becomes stapled onto someone's thinking without reason, holding them back in some way physically, or psychologically. This kind of fear is always directly tied to one's thinking; our thought patterns are what sustains it. It becomes a belief.

The first step is to recognize such fears. Then, by engaging our own thought process – which requires little more than attention and honesty – we can eliminate our own fears, along the road to recognizing them as creatures of our own manufacture, with no existence in reality beyond and without our own thinking. Whether it takes the form of snakes, spiders, being alone, or a specific group of people, there is no fear that can sustain itself in your mind without your say-so.

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