Wednesday, March 30, 2016

It Wasn't Just Eve.

The story of Adam and Eve has been used by some for a long time to explain man's fall from grace, or more specifically, to illustrate the evils of mankind as brought upon by “HER”. What? Did we read/hear the same story?

If I recall correctly, Adam chose of his own will to eat the same apple as Eve. She didn't hypnotize him, or put a gun to his head, did she? If eating the “forbidden fruit” was so wrong, why has all the blame been historically sat upon her shoulders? What about Adam, who ate knowingly with her?

If he was so faultless and righteous, he could have reminded her why they shouldn't eat it, refused to partake, and that would have been that. However: he didn't assert himself, or act as the voice of reason. They both submitted to the serpent – so goes the story at least. Regardless of how one chooses to interpret the tale, if it is to be taken seriously on any level, there's no denying one thing:  
it wasn't just Eve.

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