Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The Real “Original Sin”

There's a lot that could be said concerning the concept of original sin. In terms of concrete reality, the root of all behaviors & activities that could be considered “sinful”, is greed. It's often cited as one of the seven deadly sins, but... upon closer observation, the other six (pride, envy, lust, gluttony, sloth, and wrath) are essentially different manifestations of excess, i.e. greed itself.

Whether overindulgence occurs in self-esteem, admiration of others, sexual activity, eating, laziness, or anger, the results remain the same: abuse, and imbalance. Just as all the basic human senses (5, 6, or 12, depending on who you're talking to) offer their own unique way for us to see, each of the seven sins is an expression of greed, which stems from disorder, which stems from ignorance. Just as “devil” spells “lived” backwards, it implies a perversion – that is: a twisting, or distorting – of the natural order of energy.

To live “sinfully”, if it truly means anything, seems to imply living - literally - out of order. In order to act out of order, one must be acting out of an imagined need to possess, control, or contain... again, greed. Which also implies fear... which brings me to the realization that nothing we can fear is real.

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