Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Grow That Garden!

No, not the one with the tomatoes, lettuce or cucumbers; that other one. Garden meaning: your deepest dreams, goals and aspirations. Growing up, many of us were given a fairytale notion of wishes and how they come about, in a form very similar to common prayer (reminder: “similar” does not mean “same”!). 

The truth is, wishes are something the wisher – not some outside agent – can make come true. Here's where the planting part comes in.

Consider each of your dreams, a seed in its own right. On any given day, you ought to be either planting, watering, or supplying the right amounts of light to one or some of your seeds – dreams – in order to see them reach full maturity, to bear their own sweet unique fruit. Its a gift you can give to yourself, and the world in whole.

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