Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Don't Waste That Hate!

Haters. It's a trend that takes many forms – folks who actively attack, condemn, malign, or ridicule others, for less than noble reasons. (In fact, many have made a career out of criticizing specific groups of people on tv and social media; I see women of color have been frequent victims to this on youtube.) Have you ever experienced the unwarranted, unprovoked sling of another person's ill intent, whether on campus, at the workplace, or perhaps, among “friends” or family? If so, allow me to remind you with a friendly PSA here, how that hate is actually here to help you!

First thing to remember is what hate is in truth, not what it appears to be. Hate is not the opposite of love; it is simply another form of expressing it – a perversion, or backwards expression, in this case. People who actively hate others generally are in denial about something they don't want to accept. Otherwise – assuming they realize the value of time & energy – why spend theirs in vain worrying about someone else, specifically when the one they're intensely preoccupied with isn't worried about (in many instances, even thinking about) them?

There's no getting around the fact that if you are involved in anything productive, or worthwhile, or powerful – or if you are just a strong person, or possess a captivating personality in general – you will most likely encounter “haters” on occasion. Remember that everyone who seems to hate you, actually loves you... they're just not expressing it in the most healthy, honest way imaginable. In some instances, they're passerby who find themselves drawn in by your personal gravity or magnetism; this is when their animosity is an attempt to “break free”.

Often, the more someone fights or tries to hide how they truly feel, the more ugly their behavior. It's a war waged within. Now think: how special must you be, for anyone to go to such lengths to make you a focal point and part of their life? How deep of an impression must you be making in their heart, and mind? Again, this is why hate & love are not so separate: in either case, the one expressing it identifies very closely, and is very concerned, with the other.

This isn't small stuff. We are seldom conscious of the significance of the impact we have on others. All things considered, hate can be a great source of knowledge and motivation, for those who know how to use it. So when someone tosses old logs your way, add them to your fire; don't let that hate go to waste!

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