Wednesday, December 23, 2015

What A Friend Is... ultimately defined by each of us. In a recent conversation, someone said for them, a friend is someone who will be there no matter what, through the good and bad. They went on to say, that before they can consider someone their friend, they have to see them around close friends & family, in order to see “the real them”. While I don't have as extensive a process of making friends, I too feel the sentiment is significant, and not to be thrown around casually.

When it comes to friends, quality is greater than quantity. Associates, acquaintances, and peers, don't always translate into friends. Just because you and another are “friendly”, or on amicable terms, also doesn't mean you're friends (unless of course, your definition of friendship says so).

Its hard enough to know any one person. The more friends one has, the less likely one knows each of them well – well enough to trust, or well enough to love. Someone once said, “friends are the family you get to choose” - and to an extent, I agree. I don't place friends above family, but they are just as important; and, if I call you a friend, there isn't much, within reason, that I won't do for you. But forget what I think: what is a friend, according to you?

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