Wednesday, December 16, 2015

The Power of a Smile

Wanna make an instant impact in someone's life? Just smile. Seriously. 

Perhaps you already smile frequently, and don't need to be reminded. If you're like me though, smiling is something that's typically very reserved, and deliberate. (Hopefully, you're not like me!) Timed properly, a smile can open doors, put out fires, and break the thickest ice. Smiles can also encourage, revitalize, and remove anxieties – for both giver and receiver. 

I'll never forget one moment during my days of attending UIC in Chicago. I was having an unusually rough day – one of those days when it seems like everyone's against you. I was on the “L” (our subway), blue line I think, on my way to take the red line home. I remember having my head hanging low, eyes on my shoes, before slowly looking up. 

When I brought my face up, I saw in the seat across from me, a young child – probably between 6 and 8 – looking at me with the purest, simplest smile on her face. Something about her smile, quietly, and instantly restored my spirit, and somehow, just like that, the entire day changed for me. And clearly, that moment changed me, because it stayed with me. 

Smiling itself is no more an indication of happiness, than not smiling is evidence of distress. All things cannot be judged or determined based on their surface appearance alone. That having been said, there's nothing in this world quite like a smile that is sincere. So - when the thought pleases you - go ahead, open up for a moment, and give someone something good they can take with them.

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