Friday, December 11, 2015

The Biggest Lie Women Are Told

The biggest lie women are told – at least in the United States – is that every man wants to have sex with them. Emphasis on every. And as much of an exaggeration as this idea actually is, many believe it unquestionably... and this can lead to some awkward social situations. (Of course, it doesn't help that so many males think with their "thang" and not their brain...)

Ironically, males speak this falsehood as well, and possibly more frequently than females. It's one thing to joke, but this is taken seriously, and it has contributed to both subtle and obvious social breakdowns as it relates to how the two genders interact and co-exist. 

Without getting too long-winded, some effects include:

  • females sending mixed messages in their actions and attire
  • females who are highly suspicious of every male's intent, regardless of sound reason
  • women who place too much importance on how they look, to the detriment of other aspects , often leading to a less-than-honorable demeanor
  • women who can't distinguish between friendly conversation and flirting
  • women who attempt to use the possibility of sex as a carrot, even when the man being “dangled” is neither hungry, nor a horse
  • people of both genders alike tend to believe infidelity is natural, to the point that many think every male, given an opportunity, will sleep around with any willing female
  • many women believe that it is nearly impossible for a man to turn down sex...not so.
...and so on.

This confusion is maintained by both genders equally. If men held themselves to a higher standard, and behaved accordingly, women's behavior would adjust and change naturally, without fail. Many members of the first sex nowadays don't realize how much their outlook is holding them back. There's much much more to you than your body! And truthfully, there are men out here who see this as well. If you see them, let them treat you like the wise, graceful beings you were fashioned to be.

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