Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Pick up the Script

Depending on how you choose to view it, Life can be likened to a full-length film (the biggest difference being that is has no ending, seemingly). And when it comes to cast and setting and set-pieces, truly no expense was spared in its production. And even better than your typical motion picture: not only do each of us have a role as co-stars, but we even get to decide what that role will be! That, naturally, is provided we take a minute to stop and actually pick up the script... and read it.

Sure - we're all given a recommendation, or suggestions (perhaps even several), on what role we “should” pick. This is often based on what we look like, where we were born, family, or some prenatal talents or tendencies. Sometimes, the roles offered initially are not in our best interests, as it relates to our purpose on this planet (which again we, believe it or not, have a significant amount of say in).

So who to be? Each day is your audition. If your choice is to take an active role, and truly make it yours, look at how you live your life, each moment present. (And yes: each moment is a present.) As much as you can, please enjoy your time on stage. Get into character! Improv even! (I hear the director loves it.) And remember: there is no right or wrong that lives beyond the knowledge granted to every single one of us. Choose well, and see you at the ceremonies.

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