Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Whose Gods? Which Egypt?

Back in August 2014 I published an entry concerning one of hollow-woods' more blatant bastardizations of culture, the upcoming 2016 film “Gods of Egypt”. Recently an associate of mine shared the film's trailer. If the teaser is any indication, time has not been kind.

Unfortunately for its producers, GOE seems to fail as a fantasy as well as offering any hint or semblance of historical accuracy. The motion picture, based on what was displayed at least, seems to be a very sloppy, uninspired, assembly-line action epic. This is good news for us as a prospective audience; or at least, it can be.

Now we have no excuses! There is absolutely no reason for any of us to waste our precious time – time we can not get back – watching Gods of Egypt. If you don't care enough about the audacious "creative liberties" that were taken, then avoid the film for no other reason than it stinks.

Better yet: let's gain something of value from this whole experience, by boycotting GOE at every opportunity – no bootlegging, no renting, and certainly no movie tickets. If we stop paying the makers of products that clearly have no respect for us as its audience, then they will have no choice but to A) get their act together, or B) find another way to make their money.

I'd take (A) or (B) over the current state of affairs personally.

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