Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Wasting Words

Are words a waste of time? Of course not!
...except when they are. A lot of what is said in the course of a given day, to be honest, just doesn't need to be.
Think back on a time when someone asked or stated something obvious that you knew they knew you knew they knew: “are you late today”; “so, you like [insert the name of whatever food you are eating right in front of them, at that very moment]” - WHY DO WE DO THIS?

It may seem harmless or trivial, and for the most part it would be, except for one very crucial thing: it is a waste of energy.
Everything we do – even the words we speak – uses energy. Yes, energy – that subtle, vital component to any & everything we might think, do, or see. We don't always catch ourselves while in the act, but we dissipate, misdirect, and undermine the energy given freely and graciously to us, in a multitude of ways, every single day. Words uttered in vain, just happens to be one of them.
Don't throw away your energy so casually. It truly is the currency of life – and you probably wouldn't toss a $5 bill so carelessly, would you? Well, this is worth unimaginably more.

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