Wednesday, October 28, 2015

What Nobody Told Us About Success

From grade school, to college years and beyond, we generally receive the same notions about what it means to be successful. A well-paying career, a family, lots of money, publicity, a nice car, etc – such things have long been commonly-accepted indicators of a successful living, at least in the USA. But there's one subtle, crucial element that defines success, that is completely overlooked by many... and recognizing it can make all the difference in our daily lives.

That element is simple: success is subjective.

Success is, by its function and nature, a very personal affair. As much as we sometimes try to take the “easy way” out and live according to others' definitions, the fact remains that we must determine what success means to us, in order to realize it. As it is clearly rooted in how we feel about ourselves, it is a question of following our heart's calls and doing what fulfills us on a deeper, intangible level. And, just as we all have our own particular likes, quirks, yearnings, and pleasures, it only seems fair and reasonable that what fosters feeling successful can't be copied and pasted from person to person, irregardless of other factors.

Does money make you happy? Does having a big happy family? How about driving a really shiny car? What about being seen on TV, or being recognized by people you don't know? Perhaps it's your job or career? Maybe playing the piano? Whatever it is that gives you that feeling, that vitality, that motivates you to do all the things you do – if you have that, and nurture that, and live by that, then as far as I'm concerned, you're a success. But what I say, think and feel won't matter ultimately, unless YOU see yourself as a success!  

So may greatness and achievements, to which this present day be not fit for comparison, find its way to you sooner than ever anticipated.

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