Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The Measure of a Man.

Sometimes, in our eagerness to uplift or advocate a specific group or people, we inadvertently put down or de-value another. (“Big women are natural women!” - ok, but does that mean naturally thin women should feel inadequate?)
For example, women have been the focus of so many groups for a while now; at the same token, the worth of men and manhood has been compromised and under attack for some time now. Every man must know his own worth, and what it means in fact to be a man.

What it means to be a man, is not as obvious and clear-cut as it once was, or should be. Between the proliferation and commercialization of homosexuality, the consequences of the feminist movement, and the rise in single parent families and the “baby-mama/baby daddy” social epidemic, growing out of adolescence for young males has become far more uncertain.

The key to being a man, and realizing one's potential, comes down to an older definition of man: mind.

The true measure of any man, will be determined by what & how he thinks of himself - first and foremost - as well as his ability to exercise the mind: his greatest asset. A good man will do all he can to protect & provide for his family. A brave man will speak honestly, even when it's not welcomed or encouraged. A wise man will not compromise his integrity to simply earn or retain a woman's favor.

A strong man will strengthen his mind, as if it were a physical muscle, by putting it to work every single day he draws breath. A remarkable man will think for himself, determine his own purpose, and walk a path he can commit to. An outstanding man, will never give up on anything he knows in his heart is worth attaining. Such a man cannot be ruled by his lower emotions, and not look to anyone outside of himself to lead him to absolute truth.

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