Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Parents or Portals?

The number of parents has decreased significantly in recent generations, while the number of portals seems to have increased exponentially. The difference is simple: parents raise babies, and portals... act as gates that bring babies into the world. Ideally, a portal will immediately proceed into parenthood after a child enters this world, but as we have observed, this isn't always the case.

This isn't a lecture; just a friendly PSA/reality check. (That's what this page is for, after all: reviewing our reality.) Acting as a portal does not automatically promote one into parenthood. The former can occur “by accident”, and almost any healthy adult can do it with minimal effort, intention, or consideration. The latter, on the other hand, is always deliberate, as it requires a quality of thoughtfulness that can only come about from acting consciously.

Every life matters, and that won't ever change. So for those to whom it applies: be more than just a portal! (Or a “baby mama”, or a “baby daddy”; same thang, different slang.) Virtually anybody can do that; it takes much more to be a parent. And the rewards we all receive for real parenting can't be measured, counted, or compared.

~Dedicated to Sharon Brockington, Kyle Brockington, Avrawhawm Israel, Adbul & Badriyyah Waheed, Jerrod Davis, and every dedicated mother & father on planet Earth~

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