Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Being You

What's it like being you? What makes you unique; in what ways are you the same? Do you enjoy being you? If given the opportunity, would you become someone (or something) else? And have you ever deeply considered why you are the way you are?

Perhaps the toughest thing for any of us is to truly understand, embrace, and be our self. To be fair... its much tougher than it has to be, considering the current structure of society is not that hospitable or conducive to self-realization, and foolery is often encouraged – even celebrated - over earnestness. Furthermore, our poor moral education has embedded a false sense of self that steers more toward narrow-thinking and conceited behavior before anything else (You and I are so much more than just this “me”!)

However, to do so – to recognize one's self - renders Life immeasurably more simple, clear, and sensible. And dare I say: enjoyable. So, if you must measure success in Life by any standard, base it on how what you do makes you feel. When its all over and through, the only thing we'll get to keep is the knowledge of our experiences.

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