Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Too Much Opinion?

What do you think: do we hold too many opinions nowadays? (See what I did there)

With the open-access nature of the internet, it has become far too easy for anyone to post information. This info can come in the form of shared knowledge, or opinions. All too often, the latter is assumed to be the former. And in a country like the USA, where selfish-thinking is indirectly encouraged in a variety of ways, its not difficult to indulge in a plethora of opinions, even concerning things one has little or no direct knowledge, or experience in.

Its great to have “the right” to believe whatever we like, but like any “right”, its only as right as the responsibilities it demands! The problem with having unchecked opinions, on any and everything, is it can lead to misunderstandings, and self-delusions (there's nothing on Earth more dangerous than someone who thinks they know something they don't!). It leads to unintentional behaviors like self-righteousness and narcissism – the kind of behaviors the one behaving is typically oblivious to. For example, let's look at unconditional love. Ah; sounds nice, doesn't it?

Well fortunately, there is such a thing. The catch is, its not the words “unconditional love”. In fact: when you look at what it truly is... when someone says “I love you unconditionally”, or “I loved them unconditionally”, they're actually admitting that their love was not unconditional. Love without conditions carries no regrets or laments with it: both require conditions, after all. And this is just one of countless instances where we replace – and mistake – opinions for facts.

Opinions are like candy: consumed in moderation, a few aren't likely to be too harmful – but taken excessively, they could lead to migraines, anxieties, missing teeth, and any number of other unpleasant things.

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