Wednesday, July 22, 2015

We Don't Know What We Have.

We don't know what we have nowadays. We don't know, because we generally don't care to know. We don't question things nearly enough. We don't know most of its' worth, because we've had to work or wait for so little of it. We don't know the worth of what we have, so we end up losing or wasting much of it. (Don't just “go with the flow”; it could be flowing towards a bottomless pit!)

We don't remember the names and actions of those who were before us. Their days were filled with struggle, but they looked out for each other, and they knew who/why/what they were fighting for. Nowadays, how many of us can say the same? Without their endeavors, we might not even be in a position to do much of the things we do now – and certainly not with the level of comfort many of us have grown accustomed to. And in this comfort of not knowing lies hidden dangers, and steep prices we may not be fully prepared to pay.

The intention of these words is not to throw blind accusations, or put anyone down by drawing guilt or shame. This is just a simple reminder – to myself as strongly as anyone – to do our best to not take anyone or anything in Life for granted. After all, when you really stop to consider the magnitude of events taking place across the board, everything could drastically change for all of us at any given moment, within the wink of an eye.

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