Wednesday, April 15, 2015


How unnatural is it to lie? Humans are the only creatures on Earth that do it. When you think on it: lies are a way of apologizing to others for how we are. Most of the lies we tell are small, petty, and unnecessary...but they tend to string into more elaborate ones. Before long, we might trap ourselves and each other behind a man-made maze of them.

At that point, the truth becomes the thing we need most and the thing we want we say things like “the truth hurts”. Well, like a good detox, it only “hurts” when we haven't been living right; at that point, pain becomes a vital part of the path to healing.

Can people communicate without first stepping on stage? Why do we go through this, over and over? There is no reason anyone should have to apologize for being who or what they are, if that is what they are. No single living thing is ever created in error (I say “is” and not “was” cuz Creation is an ongoing event).

The more honest, and accepting, we are of ourselves (and others), the less we feel inclined to lie. And that level of self-awareness doesn't hurt at all; in fact, it feels remarkably good where it counts: inside.

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