Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The Most Dangerous Thing We Do Daily... forget.

The greatest danger all of us are faced with, is one we encounter everyday. Forgetfulness always acts as precursor to every conceivable form of loss, ruin, and decay. There are vast degrees to forgetting – not remembering what we ate for dinner a few days back, isn't quite on par with forgetting where the front door is – but they all spring from a common source.  

We forget promises. We forget pledges; commitments. We sometimes even forget our dreams; and before we know it, begin living a series of lies taking us further and further away from what our hearts most yearn to see. Is it ever possible to forget, without first being distracted in some way? And: if not, can one remain mindful by simply abstaining from all distractions?

(In distraction, there is division)

If this is the case, then it may be possible to not forget anything important. After all, every moment & experienced sensation is stored away in our most secluded corners. If every bit of information is recorded, what's stopping us from readily accessing any of it? First, let's consider the consequences of our forgetfulness, and its significance. Some of them hit us on a personal/private level (isn't it sad when two people forget the vows or “I love yous” once shared?), and others on a collective group level.

Many thefts, deceptions, and acts of violence and aggression on multiple levels are perpetuated on a large scale. Every so often, such atrocities make headline news, inciting public reactions. Yet, as time rolls by and the hot topic changes faces, so too do our immediate attentions & concerns. Nothing has been done to address the previously pressing situation to prevent a similar event from occurring, as we treat these instances as “freak” events of an unidentifiable cause or source. And so, many unnecessary conditions remain the same, for richer or poorer.

Example: Cops brutalize a young “urban” youth (code words!), and he dies from his wounds. Everyone sees the story; up in arms. Demands for justice are made, frustrations are vented...little tangible action on a person-to-person level is taken. Once the press migrates to another bulletin, the majority seem to forget and stop caring as well. The whole while, most seem to fail to realize that a) such atrocities are not rare, b) they occur across the country and all over the planet, and c) until we as people, on the public level make some fundamental changes in how we live and act and think and treat each other, such atrocities will continue spawning others.

So remember! (As best you can.) Forgetfulness is a form of negligence, and negligence is a form of abuse.

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