Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The Many Uses Of Music

When one considers that there has been culture & civilization since before recorded history began, it becomes clear that many staples of everyday life are relatively new additions. The entertainment industry, for example, hasn't even been around for 200 years, and yet look at the profound influence it has had on us.

Our ancestors had their amusements, but it wasn't separated or incorporated like the system in place today. Music is one of the cornerstones of that industry, but music itself has been around for much longer.

Does music share the same cultural functions & purposes under the umbrella of entertainment that it did in past times? [The word culture acting as a reference to “cultivate”] And if not, in what ways was/can music be put to practical use?

Here are two examples of music in use – the first is constructive, and the other is destructive.

Consider some of your current favorites, or the last song you listened to, and ask yourself: are they primarily constructive, or destructive? 

Just remember this: sound carries the potential to change shapes, and alter states.

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