Wednesday, March 18, 2015

A Woman's Worth

What is a woman's worth in today's world? That should be a silly question to even ask, but in a cultural climate as ambiguous as the present one, its practically essential to understanding not just women's place, but men's in society.

Often, the truth – about how we feel, at least – can be best gleaned from our actions. (The tongue is the only part of the body prone to lying.) And many actions demonstrate a tendency to focus on a woman's physical appearance to assess her value. Conversely, a man is generally not expected to emphasize his looks so much, and is instead respected for his ability to do or produce, whether with a creative mind or by physical labor.

While its natural, to a degree, to value a woman's beauty... it is worthwhile to note that there's more to beauty than size, shape, complexion and proportions. A woman's mind is just as capable of sharing insights with others. A woman's words and deeds are just as able to inspire. And, a woman's hands are equally fit for getting dirty, when the need arises.

Now, this doesn't mean one of modern society's great lies is true. No, men and woman are NOT equal; and as a result, are often more suited to different areas of activity. But let's understand what “equal” actually means. To be equal, men and women would have to be made the same head to toe, within and without. Yes, we are similar; yes, we are complementary; no, we are not the same! If we were the same, we would not be compatible for producing children as we have been.

But our mutual necessity is not limited to the realm of birth. Take the women out of a place, and you'd be removing the very life from that place. There was a time when more of the world placed women as the superior gender, and the head of the family tree. Regardless of whether one sees it as a man's world or a woman's, the truth is we need each other in order to live and grow in it.

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