Wednesday, December 10, 2014

When The Beast Speaks

Within every single person on Earth lurks a beast.
It is the same beast across the board,
regardless of the form it takes, or resides in.

Within every single person on Earth,
lies the potential for this sleeping beast to rise up.
And in many cases, it is very much wide awake.
Its easy to see how, given the numerous ways
in which contemporary society has essentially
celebrated the carnal, while denying the sublime.

It's even used popularly to describe a very skilled or
awe-inspiring person these what does that say?

How can we tell when we're dealing with the beast?
We know clearly when the beast is speaking,
because it must use us to do so.
And at all times, one operating under its suggestion
craves what they can take, far more than they'll give.
(What some call “sin” is simply actions undertaken
under beastial influence.)

Whenever wants supersede needs,
wherever reason and common decency is topped by greed;
each time malice, violence and abuse attempt to
eradicate all semblance of peace,
we can be sure those of us engaging in said deeds
are very much feeding the beast another full-course meal.

Its easy to see when the beast has possessed another;
they shall rejoice in your sorrows, and find misery in your mirth.
Many who display white teeth, smiling faces, and warm greetings,
are being nice to hide the face of the beast scheming underneath.

(Caution consumers: just because its on display doesn't mean its in stock.)

If you doubt this, just deny it/them a meal.
External beauty and niceties are quick to fade
when the internal condition isn't.

While gorging on sorrow and apathy, it is
quick to flee from genuine joy and integrity.
And, although it attempts to obscure truth
with its endless reciting of lies,
its efforts allways end in vain...
...for in the absence of truth, nothing
not even the beast itself,
could actually even appear to be. 

Can this beast ever truly be defeated?
Well, that depends entirely on us, doesn't it?
We can only keep alive what we feed...and
we are what we feed just as much, if not more,

than what we eat.

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