Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Hipno Hop: Breaking the Spell

{For the sake of Life as a whole: hipno hop – that mass slumber, so-called music, mind-numbing, mental intoxication, self-enslavement, stupification thru drum n'bass, digitized and homogenized, on a pseudo-homosexual vibration - has to go!}

There's no arguing the fact that hip hop/rap has been the music of choice for quite some time for perpetuating a state of mass slumber. In fact, its with hesitation I even refer to it as music, rather than refined noise. It pollutes the ears and the mind, and as far as I can tell, cripples cellular growth & development. What we call hip hop/rap has nearly single-handedly – and with more tenacity than any so-called Willie Lynch letter – destroyed our sense of community, male masculinity, and respect and honor towards femininity. This has been accomplished via the reinforcement, and re-enactment, of images that undermine and deny any semblance of sanity, clarity, and stability for a functional family.

Most alarming about hip hop/rap, is its almost religious fixation on material possessions & physical aggression – both typically expressed without aim – at the expense of our basic, traditional, spirit-based values. Prizing death over Life, in every facet & form...yet, we will often defend this so-called music as if our very lives were being threatened or called into question. (If you think this is an exaggeration, just say something bad about Tupac, who has been elevated to a Christ-like persona.)

Hip hop has been employed as one of the single greatest weapons in Black genocide; and sadly, it is a slow genocide the ones losing their lives are actively – and passively – participating in. The artificial power structure that currently governs this society's affairs, and those that profit from it in the short term, are eating this all up. We're doing the job of killing us better than they ever could. Yes, all the measures of divide & conquer exemplified in the fabricated/infamous Willie Lynch letter have long reached their zenith in hip hop.

Sadly, this doesn't exclude so-called “conscious” emcees. Let's take it back: who remembers KRS-One's “Sex & Violence” LP? How about the song where he raps about the sexually abused young girl playfully? Is this responsible? Is this how a man conducts himself? Any man who blatantly and habitually denigrates the cradle of civilization – i.e. women – is not.

While it may be true that we all make mistakes, and are all capable of change, we have to also understand that its one thing to live dysfunctionally. It's another to record it for present AND future generations to absorb. (Our lives last for but a season, but art & sound echoes forever.) Very irresponsible on the so-called artists' part, for flooding the people's minds with mostly garbage; and on our part, for not holding them, and ourselves, to a higher standard.

As much as can be said about the malnourished content of most lyrics, the instrumentation follows suit. From the longstanding custom of “jacking” beats and sampling sections of other music, to synthesized drum patterns that are barely indistinguishable these days, hip hop is in every conceivable way a pale, bastardized, homogenized, overly-refined and calcified imitation of our traditional, native sounds and artistic/communicative expressions. This much is evident in its effects; our natural sounds enhance our sense of unity and purpose, whereas hip hop's message of unchecked materialism only serves to obscure any recognition or semblance of such. Before we allowed our way to be compromised by outsiders, our stories were sacred storehouses of knowledge and memories. Today, thru hip hop they mostly cater to the lowest of thoughts & desires.

A computer-derived drum loop can't come close to matching the undeniable intensity of a wood or skin hand drum. But so far as we've been indoctrinated into an almost cyborg-like existence, where our phones are an extension of our bodies and we're always plugged in to something, it makes sense to a degree that hip hop would assume the place it has up to this point. We are analog people living a digitized existence... small wonder the rate of diseases and disorders only seems to be increasing, despite all forms of “progress”. Hip hop and the lifestyles it endorses works against our basic nature, ever out of tune with the natural order.

And its status as “rebel” music, or the music of the people, is unearned. (How can “rebel” music be so commercialized and co-opted by the greater society, like hip hop is?) To be completely honest, it tends to pacify more than incite minds to act. The music is, for all intents & purposes, lullabies for grown folks. It can be catchy, rock us and please us...but it can't even begin to feed us. Not to criticize or condemn anyone or what/how they choose to live and do and think...but let's actually be real right now. It's already much too late in the day for the level of foolishness we are often all too eager to display. C'mon sleeping giants; past time to wake up, rise, and shine!

  [For more on this subject please see the Lenon Honor documentary series: Hip Hop, the Hidden Hand, and the Degradation of Black Masculinity. If you can't find links online, I can share with all those interested.]

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