Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Entertainment or Enter Attainment?

You Decide: Which Will It Be?

The choice is mine; yours; and ours. Existing is not the same as living; this is the key to understanding the distinction between what is called entertainment, and actually entering attainment. From phones, playstations and tv, to music, films and facebook, entertainment has taken an unchallenged seat in our day-to-day activities, and has influenced us culturally, in every area of thought & behavior. For all the many luxuries and pleasures we've multiplied, so too have we our anxieties, worries, and fears. A clue as to why this is, is to be found in recognizing what it means to enter attainment.

For too long the full meaning of entertainment has been obscured and overlooked; until now. Like many modern English phrases, it is two words combined into one, and given a superficial meaning that doesn't speak to its source. When we're being “entertained”, we are opting to live vicariously, through second-hand experiences, rather than engaging Life in a direct, first-hand sensation.

These second-hand impressions are interpreted and internalized, but over-rely on audio/visual stimuli, leaving the rest of the body untapped, unused, and generally neglected. This leads to stagnation, under-development, and even decay – not just for our physical body, but especially [primarily] our soul and spirit bodies. (Ignore the soul, and you WILL NOT grow.)

It's called many names by many peoples, but the invisible life-force that animates the visible/physical body demands direct experiences in order to cultivate our innermost resources, and heighten our collective knowledge and awareness. Otherwise, we're left with nothing more than information, opinions, and emotions – emotions that no matter how tightly we might choose to hold on to, have nothing to do with who or what we truly are in all actuality!

No form of entertainment can exist in the absence of people, or culture. (Nature has no entertainment, nor a need for it.) When a culture is poor, unhealthy, or ill-conceived, it will be reflected in the quality of the kinds of entertainment said culture produces, pushes, and promotes. We can clearly see this with most modern entertainment, in how it constantly encourages us to look without, and go without. When we choose to enter attainment, fully, we go within, to visit the source of all riches. The world is rapidly changing; it's high time we follow suit. 

Rather than endlessly imitating what we're shown and told and steered to think, let us begin initiating. To enter attainment is to reach a state of peace that can only come from the consistent & diligent cultivating of one's innermost resources. Entertainment doesn't ask anything of you, other than your attention, silence, and surrender. C'mon family: let's stop so much consuming, and get back to producing!

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