Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Age of Information...or Assumption?

Its been said we're currently living in the age of information. It's a potentially dangerous situation. Perhaps at no other point, since the period of time generally considered to be when “history” began, has there been such a dense wave of data, made easily accessible to the public at large regardless of culture, or social standing. Between books, tv, films, and the internet, none of us seems to be short of stuff to think about. So: when we don't take the proper time to inquire, evaluate, or reflect on the many things we're told, are we actually acquiring information, or only assumptions?

In the high-speed rush to absorb and spit back as much of this stuff as we can, we often miss the line separating information from ignorance. And that line, is immensely thin – and seems to shrink increasingly so, in direct proportion to the quantity of images and concepts that captivate us. While this is happening, our sense of consciousness sits captive in suspended animation.

This is why we often feel we can't explain why we do the things we do, or why we act in a way that goes against what we know to be right. (Don't blame “the devil”.) If you see a cockroach running around in your cereal, you probably aren't going to continue dipping your spoon in the bowl. If I know accepting a particular job will jeopardize my family, or threaten public safety, I most likely will decline the position.

When we truly know a thing, we don't just think it: we ACT on it. What we do not live, is dead in us. Information, as it is typically given – either you agree or disagree; you accept or reject it – is dead knowledge. Knowledge – when it is applied in daily living, regardless of its source – is living information. [Information...”in formation”.]

Knowledge is NOT power! Only knowledge applied purposefully & consciously has proven qualified to both generate & maintain the efficacy of energy worthy of being called power.

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