Wednesday, October 8, 2014

A Cosmic Origin

Every thing, and each event, that is observable, takes place within the boundless regions of an all-inclusive matter we call space. What is this “space” really; and how, in the midst of stars and such, did WE come to be? These are questions worth our time & consideration. Our bodies will either outright reject foreign substances, or rebel in the form of disease & sickness. The fact that we can easily & agreeably digest substances such as air, sun energy, water, & whole fruits - regardless of who we might be or where we live - is a strong indication...of a common origin. A cosmic origin.

What is our true nature, as it pertains to behavior? Since all terrestrial lifeforms are composed of the same basic building blocks, it goes without saying that the Earth itself must be composed of the same elements. If it wasn't, it wouldn't be able to sustain them. Is it a far stretch to suppose that other stars, other planets, might also contain these same essential components: our Sun included?

Every tangible, visible, and touchable thing on the planet, has distant “siblings” among the stars & across the skies. These are the intangible, invisible (“in visible” meaning literally: “in the visible”), and untouchable forces & entities that help spur & shape our lives in significant ways...whether recognized by eyes & ears, or remaining unseen.

Only living things can truly feed – i.e. nourish – the living. [The dead may serve as nourishment to a degree, yet are not able to be nourished in return.] If the Sun, and the rains – all those things being stellar/celestial in nature – nourish us, surely they must contain Life, and be living as well. Could we be directly related to our Sun, and other stars?

One last thing to consider: you can't say “Planet” without saying “Plant” as well. Within the name “Earth”, we have the letters to form the word “Her”, and “Heart”, among others. Could it be that “Mother Earth” is in fact a living, breathing bearer of Life; literally? Might it also be, that just as every plant both begins as and bears a seed in its likeness, that every planet does the very same? [Perhaps each star we see is actually nothing more than a seed; perhaps every seed we can eat is a star.] And if all things take place within space, what is there to truly separate one thing from the next?

Everybody is a deed!

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