Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Truth is in Children.

As the times pass, I'm learning from Life: if you wish to know the truth about a person, a home, or a condition, just listen to the children. Ask them; watch them; pay attention to them.

If they're anxious or uneasy, things are not as they seem.

If they're relaxed, all is well.

If they're laughing, smile.

If they're playing, get out of the way!

Unless, and until, they've been inundated with a large and consistent assortment of lies, long enough to cause them to compromise their basic sense...only the truth lives in children.

Were we, as alleged adults, to spend more time listening to them, and less time trying to change or train them, we might learn something priceless about ourselves, and easily solve most of the countless problems that have been getting handed down from one generation to the next, for far too long to justify under reason.

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