Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Schools Train, Not Teach

What is the purpose of school? To teach, young people primarily, right? If so, today's public and private schools are well overdue for a critical re-examination...even at the collegiate level. With outdated books, cutback curriculums, violent environments & poor performance common across the country, how can schools expect to effectively prepare the majority of youth for the remainder of their lives? Are schools even trying to teach anymore; or, were they designed to train instead?

Let's look at it. If schools are meant to educate, today's institutions are not doing their job. A quick study of the root and meaning of education reveals that true education is a process by which one is led, or one's potential is drawn from within them. In other words, a good education will equip a person with knowledge strengthened by personal meaning & understanding; knowledge that will enable them to lead a more productive, prosperous life.

This seems contradictory to the typical approach of schools today, where an emphasis is placed disproportionately on “learning” [memorizing] a large assortment of information – much of it inapplicable, or of no use in daily living – and those who can “repeat” this information verbatim, get a good grade and pass. But what do they really know now? What has truly been learned – about themselves, or the world they inhabit? And how will this prepare them for Life's greatest challenges and tests?

Let's be honest about this: schools today train – that is, program – students, more than they teach them. [They concentrate on putting in, rather than drawing out.] Rather than focusing on bringing the best out of each pupil, the aim is to indoctrinate them into adopting a particular niche within the greater society...and we can see how certain people are steered towards certain outcomes based on gender, “race” and/or ethnicity. With the current state of the economy, public policy, and the job market, I think it would benefit young people if we didn't continue throwing them to the wolves and hoping for the best, just because we “made it this far OK”.

Concerned parents, who care for the well-being of their child[ren], must strongly consider ending the tradition of sending their children off to get a good education on good faith. More and more, homeschooling is spreading in houses and communities across America, and with good reason. Even if your child is enrolled in school currently, don't trust an institution tied to its budget to handle such an important task on its own. Spend as much time with your child[ren] as you can, and teach them as much as you can: how to be a woman, how to be a man, and how to be a responsible person, capable of creatively tackling the ever-increasing demands of living in the current millennium.

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