Wednesday, September 10, 2014

History Ain't The Whole Story.

Napoleon has frequently been credited with the famous quote: “history is a lie agreed upon”. Regardless of who said it first, there's certainly something to that. Repeat anything enough times, and no matter how fictitious or unfounded it might be in actuality, most people will find themselves inclined to accept, if not believe it. Similarly...view any image with enough frequency, and it becomes easy to assume that the image presented is an accurate portrayal of reality. [Recognition is a prerequisite to attachment] With that in mind, I have a theory concerning the current condition of what's commonly considered to be “world history”.

Ever notice how outside of KMT (“Egypt”), the excavation & investigation of past civilizations on African soil has been slow-to-nonexistent? Could it be that certain people, in political positions especially, have decided it easier to maintain the myth and image of Europeans as the force and founders behind civilization, if as little of Africa's past “resurfaces” as possible? This would explain to a great degree why:

1) European-derived images and conceptions of Africa have traditionally depicted its people as “backward”, “slow”, “primitive”, and generally underdeveloped mentally, culturally, and intellectually, despite all evidence (or lack of it) to the contrary

2) The achievements of KMT (“Egypt”), profound as they were, are not given more reverence, recognition, and respect in the school systems. Western society certainly does “pay” homage to KMT, but covertly & unconsciously; just look at a dollar bill or the Washington Monument, or “Memphis” Tennessee, for a few samples

3) Anytime a new discovery or revelation is revealed concerning African origins & contributions to world history & culture, it is generally taken with much skepticism, if not outright denial & disregard

It comes back to a question of maintaining what is called the status quo; a status quo that hasn't been in place for the overwhelming majority of humanity's stay on Earth. It's likely that a large reason KMT is even acknowledged to any noticeable degree, is due to the fact that several structures that were built there have survived the changing ages. In addition, these structures are too imposing & exposed, and well-known across the world to ignore, deny, and outright destroy (not to say even these have escaped tampering, as the cannons fired by Napoleon and his troops certainly left the Sphinx looking like less than her former self).

Does anyone really believe that a single country was the sole source of organized society for an entire continent, for thousands of years? Of course, this would be ignoring so many great nations and kingdoms, from Nubia & Kush, to Ghana, Songhay, Mali and many more. Nations that were literally overflowing with gold. (Look up “Mansa Musa”) Just as it wouldn't be accurate to define a person completely based on what they've done today, it would be misleading to look at the world's nations as they are currently, and assume that things have essentially always been this way. History's too big to fit into a text book! And the truth behind it is too powerful to be taught in the school system...but that's a subject for next week.

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