Thursday, August 7, 2014

What Would Our World Be Like...

What would our world be like, if we lived in it, without denial? (Or, at the very least, keeping so much denial?) Its become so ubiquitous in us, it might be difficult initially to appreciate just how deep this river of denial runs. What many describe as “free will”, I see as mere expressions of suppression. For, if we're being honest with ourselves: how much of what we do/think/say is based on what we know to be true, and not what we were asked/told/trained? After all, how many children are routinely silenced prematurely for simply asking the essential question:

Example: you're walking down the street, when suddenly you have an intense urge to urinate (when water flows, you gotta go). Now – based on modern conditionings [asked/told/trained]: are you more likely to quickly find a tree or some other suitable spot outdoors to relieve the body, as nature intends, or to “hold it in” until you can reach the nearest indoor, publicly-approved restroom? This physical “holding it in” is a manifestation of denial, which begins mentally.

The point is subtle, but significant. If we are serious about the business of living, and realize even a drop of how precious it is, then it doesn't make sense to postpone right action. It also doesn't serve anyone for us to continue doing what isn't right, or saying what is not true, because 

a) someone or something else “forced” us to; 
b) it's “normal”;  or 
c) to not “hurt” anyone's “feelings”

The truth only hurts when lies have become a conditioned & continued source of pleasure; such pleasure is artificial & flimsy.

The first act of denial is denying one's self; then it snowballs into denial of others, and the surrounding environment. The most practical way to elevate our current state of affairs is to begin by simply ending our self-denial; as much as we can, in any way we can. The less we keep denying ourselves, the more room we'll have for loving ourselves. This will extend into loving others, who recognizing the absence of denial, will respond by immediately or eventually embracing the same. When the true will is put in motion, no one will be able to deny you. (But you can't lie now!) Heal the world, by healing yourself first. 

What might our world be like if more of us did that? Anyone out there willing to find out? I am!

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