Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Treat Your Time Like It's Money...

...because it is – only infinitely more valuable. Whereas money has an artificially-designated value that rises & falls without warning, your time has a natural, intrinsic value that can't be set, or measured, by anyone but you. Money comes, and money goes. You could be born rich, become poor, acquire another large fortune, and lose that one as well, all within the course of a single lifetime. This moment – the one you're in right now – like your self, is special. It cannot be earned, worked for, or bought back. Once it's gone, it's gone. 

Money, in and of itself, has no natural worth. Beyond the concept of buying & selling, it alone cannot produce air, water, food, shelter, fuel, or materials. Reality check-up: if all the cash & coins & bank records mysteriously vanished overnight, everything we've been using money to purchase would still exist. [Perhaps the love of money – not money itself, but the LOVE of it – is indeed the root of all evil...] How we might elect to manage & distribute these things is another matter...but the fact remains: none of them actually require money. 

Your time, my time, our time, holds a priceless value that is always in demand, and in much shorter supply as time passes. Consider how you choose to spend each moment as an investment for the future, even in recreational activities. Just as there can be no true wealth without health, you won't have what you aren't willing to give, with your own precious time & attention. 

So make the most of this great gift! Treat your time like it's money. Don't just spend it anywhere, on anyone, or on anything...because with time, there are no refunds, or returns.

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