Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Why The White House is White

Has anyone else ever wondered why the white house is called the white house? Suspending the possibility suggested by the color-neurosis that often manifests as a consequence of the institutionalized racism that molded this nation into what it is today, I did some research. Having already been made aware of Washington D.C.'s deliberate architectural parallels to ancient KMT/Kemet (present day Egypt), I reasoned it best to start my search in the same. It didn't take long to find another link between past East and present West.

                                     Before continuing, let's look at the white house.

Also, notice many state buildings feature a similar design, such as the state house in Columbus, Ohio:

What do these buildings resemble? Anything coming to mind – perhaps something associated with ruling, or authority? Could the white house, in fact, be symbolic of a white crown?

Yes! But no; not that kind of crown: the White Crown of KMT- Upper KMT, specifically.

The White Crown, or Hedjet Crown, was “worn” by Nekhbet, or Nekhebet. Nekhbet was known as "PR WR": Lady of the Great House - the "state temple”. ("pr wr" = "power"?) Don't the white house and state houses favor an ancient temple in external appearance? [Of course, parallels can also be drawn to early Greek and Roman architecture, but this is only to be expected, as they both so heavily “borrowed” elements from KMT to establish their own versions of culture, information, and ethics.] And who does the title “Lady of the Great House” remind one of? Hint: don't expect to see an unmarried man selected as president anytime soon.

This royal representative of Upper KMT was often depicted as a vulture, holding in her talons the shen (upper portion of the ankh, symbol of eternity) and the royal flail (symbolizing authority of the pharaoh). The similarities between the Eastern bird of prey and the Western one, are plain as day.


Recognizing America's use of reimagined Kemetic symbolism & architecture is only one piece of the puzzle. The real question is:

The answer is one I trust you, in all honesty, already know.

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