Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The Triumphant Re-Birth of Mama Earth.

Welcome, one and all. We are gathered here today, to witness the greatest show on Earth, starring Earth! Do trust: this isn't a game, and it's not a charade. This planet's making a miraculous comeback, thanks in no small part to the universal re-birth of spirit taking place within every sphere of consciousness across this sector of the kosmos... both known, and unknown. What do I mean? A comeback from what, exactly?

Don't you see? Earth is tired of “OK”. Earth is saying: ENOUGH!

Earth is taking her body back. How many earthquakes, "her"-icanes, “freak” storms, and eruptions have occurred in diverse & irregular places over recent years? She's tired of being abused, misused, pillaged, and polluted, by the malicious and ignorant alike. And so, mankind's time as the planet's chief parasite is soon to run out. For Earth, this isn't just a return to form, but a re-birth of the highest order. I can't think of anyone more worthy to receive the blessing. Open your mind, ears & eyes; look around and see for yourself. All things green are on the come up.

All over the streets where I currently reside, I frequently spot cracks forming along the concrete, with all manner of plants sprouting up from the narrowest asphalt crevices, in abundance. Its prevalent to a significant degree... enough to indicate that this artificial ground we call sidewalk and street will eventually be replaced by the natural ground it sought to cover up, for the sake of what: ecologically-irresponsible vehicles that run on Earth's ill-gotten blood?

Yes – the grass that for so long was forbidden by home-owner's blades to grow freely, is taking its soil back, as well as its place in the natural order, where every form of life is born to fulfill a purpose that maintains balance. The birds outside this window sing with more intensity than ever before. The vibrations they emit are helping the Earth – which is in every way alive, by the way – with its great work-in-progress. And if we so choose, we can too.

Ain't nobody stupid out here. Don't fall for the game some of us like to play and pretend in! Deep down: we all know. Never mind what some may say, never mind what some may do; never mind what some may tell you! Deep down, ain't nobody stupid: we all know. And we've been given too many reminders, for too long. We've exhausted all excuses; there are none left. There never were, in truth, but now: we don't even have the illusion, of excuses.

Now I'm not implying we all must evacuate the cities and move out into the countryside (although that may not be unwise; with any city, stagnation & corruption appear almost inevitably). The idea is simple: acknowledge Earth. Acknowledge your relationship with she who nurtures & supports you. Just acknowledge your relationship with life in general, starting with yourself. Until we recognize this relationship as sacred, which it is, we can forget about it.

It all comes back to basic respect. Respect yourself, truly – don't say you do, while doing the reverse. Respect yourself: inside, and outside. The rest will follow. With self-respect, comes common sense. From common sense, stems common courtesy. From all of these, blossoms the conscious understanding that can take lead and make gold.

As always, it's a matter of responsibility, and accountability. For those who choose to continue focusing on pursuing an existence that's comfortable, “normal”, and perhaps luxurious, regardless of how it may affect others adversely, well... just remember that cause, effect & consequence do not discriminate in judgment. This isn't a vain attempt to make anyone feel “guilty”, or arbitrarily place blame. To be perfectly honest: we haven't been completely honest with ourselves, and each other, for quite a long time, right?

Forget particulars: any changes we can make in our lives for the benefit of the whole of man – if it truly be of benefit – will ultimately serve all life as well. And then, with lives guided by what some might call justice – we just might find ourselves returning home, accompanied by Earth HerSelf.

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