Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Something is Happening

The future happened yesterday, and we can't afford to wait.” - Shabach Tyus

What if everything changed overnight...yesterday? How many of us would notice on our own? How many of us would have to be told? And for those who had to be told: how would they know what they were told was the honest, accurate, and impartial truth? Because something is happening; and, to be perfectly truthful, it has been for quite some time.

Speaking of time: isn't it moving at an accelerated rate? (Where did the day go?) Not just time, but the mind as well. Don't people these days, in general, seem more tense and easily agitated or worked up, even over the most seemingly minuscule, mundane things? It's as if someone sealed a lid over a boiling pot of water, and now the pressure's built up to the point of no control. I listen to the birds outside this window, singing and shouting with more fervor than I've ever heard from a bird before, and throughout much of the day.

Yes – besides mankind, the plant and animal kingdoms seem just as sensitive to this wave of energy sweeping through everything; within, and around. I see more and more folks becoming inclined, or even compelled, to make startling changes in their lives, without prompting or pressure from others. People are changing their mind about many things at this time; more and more are growing truly tired of the network of ignorant traditions, institutionalized lies, and the unnecessary restraints on life that they lay. If the senseless violence and depraved behaviors don't stop soon, for one, the perpetrators of such may find their life like today's time, quickly slipping away into nothing.

[Still: horrific as some might seem, even the ugliest tragedies happen for beautiful reasons. Intelligence orders everything. The mind that fails to comprehend order perceives chaos in its place, just as one who refuses to express love must choose hate instead]

This thing that's happening is ultimately cosmic in nature. It is intelligent, undivided, and – whether you like it or not – comin' for that behind. It is tremendously important at this time for each of us to realize the value of life, the universal order that unites all things in life, and the fact that no action goes unanswered. Call it karma if you life, but recognize that there are no accidents in a world where intelligence orders everything.

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