Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Man's Greatest Problem Lies Within

What do you think seems to be the greatest challenge facing man at this time? We are all aware of at least one of the many problems we are faced with. Depending on whom one asks, the answer could fall within a wide range of subjects – from racism or discrimination, to capitalism, violence, war, terrorism, political corruption, big business – even extra-terrestrials, and shape-shifting reptiles, say some. The question again is: what is the primary problem plaguing this planet and its inhabitants – what is the “problem of problems”?

Collectively, and individually, man's greatest problem lies within. It seems to me all other problems stem from one: a lack of self-awareness. Man seems to be the only creature on Earth that has the freedom to choose either to live in harmony with the universal order, or go against it, to man's own detriment.

Every other living thing, be it plant animal or mineral, seems to operate exclusively within the universal order. However, since there is no conscious choice exercised in the matter, there is less active participation in the process of creation, which is ongoing. In other words, man seems to be the only living entity on Earth that has the potential to experience Itself as Itself. But what happens when man is not aware of this higher nature?

This is where the problems start. No person on the planet would be able to enact any form of injustice on others, if we were all fully conscious of ourselves. You wouldn't walk on top of a rattlesnake if you saw it ahead of time, and you wouldn't hurt someone if you truly knew how far the pain would travel, or the ripples it would send out. Unfortunately, “Father forgive us”, for how often we know so little of what we do. Fortunately, this isn't by accident; which also means, there is a solution to the problem. And like all true solutions, it is simple.

[To be concluded next week: 7/23/2014]

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