Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Man's Greatest Problem Lies Within [Conclusion]

As a whole, man's greatest problem lies within.

As individuals, man's greatest problem lies within.

Our greatest setback collectively, is our greatest setback individually. It is the primary identification with, and attachment to, a particular personality/ies...and all the emotions & rationalizations that accompany it/them. Doing so habitually serves to cut us off from the remainder of ourselves. The result is a constant feeling of needing to become, rather than being...which is totality, or: the creative consciousness that encompasses all things. (Believe it or not, you were born complete.)

To put it another way: by identifying primarily with the sensations & instincts operating from our lowest, animalistic nature, we remove attention from - and reduce awareness of - the higher capacities of the mind that has been so graciously granted to man. (The word “man” refers to mind ultimately, and so, is gender neutral/gender inclusive.)

This may appear contrary to what seems right...but look at it. Most of the people living on this planet have been taught, trained, and even paid to deny their real feelings. Most of us have become so accustomed to living under such suppression, that many might think: surely expressing our emotions would be the best way to become free! This is not always so – for if this was all there was to it, many of us would've been free and living a joy-filled life long ago. The truth is, most of the “feelings” we feel at any given moment, most often serve to enslave the mind, not emancipate it. Trusting emotions infallibly, is no more beneficial than denying them. We must be able to listen, without either accepting or attacking them; this creates a space for clarity to speak. Until we can do this, “free will” is an oxymoron at best, for true will is not something led by the ever-fickle, undisciplined, and self-defeating whims of such “feelings”.

Again, the key is in the distinction. Sometimes we might use the phrase “I'm a product of my environment” as an excuse for behaviors. While this is not completely incorrect, it is not the whole truth. It would be more accurate to say for man, the environment is the product, moreso, than the reverse. For most other lifeforms on Earth, this is not the case: they are far more susceptible to the effects of the environment. Always innate within man is the capacity to transcend physicalities.

As long as we allow our lives to be guided principally by personal instincts, emotions, and the intellect – all of which are easily manipulated and programmed – we will not know peace on this planet, collectively. A planet is a place for group effort; it is something we all participate in planning, in order to plant it. If we wish to plan it another way, we must act in another way... being led by unyielding principles, that aren't dependent on personal desires or beliefs.

So how does one ignore their desires? That's how: ignore them. Example: you're changing your eating habits, but every so often you get a craving for something you let go – perhaps pork. When those feelings visit you, treat them like most folks treat a Jehovah's Witness knocking at the front door. Entertaining thoughts feeds them, making them seem real, or important, when they're not. The more you can consciously ignore such momentary impulses, recognizing them as just that – momentary – the easier it will be. Remember: just because a thought came to you doesn't mean it came from you. We're being exposed to, and bombarded by, all kinds of sensory information every second of every day in society.

The more we live according to our “personality desires”, the less creative power we can inherit. This is a great blessing that balances the natural order... for much responsibility and insight is required in order to manage great power. Only one who is led chiefly by personal desires (emotions & intellect) could be led to believe power could be attained & maintained despite, or through, the cost to other lives. True power is something shared, not gained. If you don't have it, you can't claim it. If you doubt this, ask yourself a simple question: is it easier to make a life, or take a life?

Any alleged benefits, that could be obtained by “selling one's soul”, would be exceedingly short-lived, at best.

Not recognizing how the e-motions [energies in motion] that we think define who we are actually imprison us when we can't see beyond them, is the reason so many succumb so often to actions “they know they shouldn't”, but end up doing anyway, thus perpetuating feelings of victimization, anxiety, and self-doubt.

Collaboratively, the emotions & the intellect have guided most human behavior for as long as anyone living knows. If nothing else, they should have revealed to all by now: left to their own devices, they alone are insufficient as a meter for what is right and true. After all, isn't it some form of emotion that precedes and ignites each theft, abuse, or other violent act? Is not this same emotional act justified to the perpetrator by his/her personal thought process? All the feelings that most of us aspire to have or to hold on to – joy, happiness, peace – are not actually emotions at all. They are realities. They are states of mind; states of being. And if the quality of the emotions, behaviors, and thought patterns one is participating in do not match or reflect such states of being, such realities will remain ever elusive, fleeting, and out of reach.

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