Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Sterling: More Than Meets The Screen

The thing about news & other media (tv, yahoo/google home pages, films): they can provide information only – not knowledge. Knowledge, which may act as a gateway to wisdom; wisdom, which may act as a gateway to realized truth. As a result, any information supplied by the news, or other forms of media, must be placed under the scrutinizing eye of the conscious mind... before it can serve any merit, or offer anything of value. Now, let's briefly revisit the Donald Sterling debacle, for one last time (hopefully).

Common sense” dictates that the mankind-invented problem of racism persists, despite how nice or polite people may have become in public. “Common sense” also dictates that a racist system aims to serve the desires of those in assumed positions of authority, and not the needs of everyday man & woman. All things considered: why would a system that's literally designed to perpetuate what's known as racism, encourage the public to condemn a man who at most, merely represents such a system? Could his controversy have been a deliberate set-up leading to the appointing of new Clippers ownership?

Something's wrong with this picture. Something the news chose not to highlight, is going on behind the scenes of this public performance. Nothing happens by accident. Specifically, this is not the modus operandi of big business in America – especially one that's on the fiscal level of the NBA.

Dr. Umar Johnson believes Sterling's theatrical outing was likely a veiled business move, and I don't disagree: 

Dr. Johnson makes several sound suggestions. Some may seem a bit of a stretch, but all the points made are possible. It is crucial that we, the public, exercise the mind using insight to do our own research, and form our own conclusions. If we don't care enough to do this, it would benefit all for us to refrain from even indulging in so-called news stories. 

Who knows: perhaps these kinds of reports serve no other purpose than to incite misguided emotions, marginalizations, and misunderstandings. Or possibly, these opinion-inducing melodramas are instigated solely to gauge and monitor public reaction, as a method of measuring the current “climate” of general temperaments. (Two words: Social. Experiment.)

Consider: for all the problems these well-trained reporters present, how often are solutions offered to accompany them?

Whatever the headlines say happened: don't be distracted!

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