Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Did Giants Walk the Earth?

A more pressing question: do they still? So many fantastic events have taken place in, on, and around this planet – to this day – that the number is too numerous to list. I've personally experienced events, and witnessed encounters, that defy most descriptions. Consequently, I learned from an early age that life contains far much more than what may often appear to be. So, it doesn't seem like much of a stretch to accept the possibility of giant men on Earth.

Before this notion can be considered seriously, we must be mature enough to recognize the fact that: lack of attention or evidence from the public's primary sources of knowledge – the scientific and technical communities – does not equate to a lack of presence. After all, these sectors of society are comprised of men; and men, as history has demonstrated repeatedly, often act & reason based on a particular group-based interest, rather than the interests of the whole; or, truth for the sake of truth.

Back to the main topic. Most of the recent stories circulating around giants I've found are based in war-torn Afghanistan. Reports of cave-dwelling cannibals and warriors, as high as 18 feet tall and over half a ton. Six fingers, six toes. US soldiers reportedly killed one who attacked them, and the body was sent to Germany.

Could be true; could be a lie. There are so many caves and tunnels running throughout Earth, it is entirely feasible that there still exists a population of giants who've mostly remained out of sight, and mind.

The sightings aren't exclusive to this region however. To protect their identities, I must refrain from naming two tribes in Africa that are no strangers to great heights. However, I can share a clip of what appears to be a giant footprint in South Africa.

What's most interesting is how old it could be – far older than the alleged ancestors of man. Of course, one can't consider a world with giants, without considering the little ones as well. Too much to get into at this time, but something else to ponder:

What's real? Maybe not these photos; then again, perhaps they are. 

In either event, it would be naïve at best to assume all we've been shown is all there is, or all there was, or all there will be.

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