Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Thoughts Are Now Visible.

Be careful what you wish for? No! Be careful what you think of... and continue to think. Privacy - if there ever even was such a thing - has been extinct for quite some time now. Everything in life as we knew it has changed, is changing, or is subject to change. This includes even our thoughts – something I once imagined was perhaps the most private, secure aspect of a person's existence. Outside of a few highly sensitive, or psychically-gifted exceptions, most people can't see what others are thinking, right? Wrong.

It's subtle, but those who are willing to tune in to channel Earth can certainly see the effects of a profound shift that's been taking place, and ever gaining momentum. One of the most striking effects of this cosmic movement, is the fact that thoughts are tangible things. Granted, they always have been, but to a degree where it is now undeniable.

Test it out for yourself: the next time you're strolling down the street, as someone approaches you, begin thinking about something wild you typically wouldn't consciously think about. Watch for a physical reaction; chances are, there will be one. Don't expect anyone to just openly admit “yes, I can see what you're thinking”. Just pay attention, and the signs will show you. Only the mouth & tongue are capable of lying; the rest of the body cannot. And if someone can see your inner thoughts, then there's truly no point to even attempt to lie.

If you're one of those individuals who likes to pretend things are what they are not, while denying or avoiding what actually is... you may not like where we're all heading, collectively. (If you believe you have something to hide, do yourself a favor, and let it go!) If, however, you're one of those individuals who yearns to be free, or discover what is true, and wishes the same for the rest of us, then you can start rejoicing anytime.

The truth is, every living thing has access to this rising wave of energy surrounding these spaces. The mind is a powerful thing... an endless resource we all share access to. So, if there's something you've been longing to see or do or be – a secret dream, a long avoided goal, or hidden vision perhaps – this is the season to make it real. All you need, is to first think it. And, for the sake of what's soon to come, please remember these two things: love always overcomes fear; and life will not be denied.

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